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Once the dating is over the participants have an opportunity to see what each o Aired: May 29,2012 Food fights and midnight snacks sex are the focus this week.

A raunchy bedroom romp could help virgin Derek in his pursuit for his first ever kiss.

Dating in the Dark Australia premiered on the Fox8 subscription television on 30 November 2010. The premise of the show involves three single guys and three single girls who are brought together in one house.

The show's format is based on a Dutch dating show called Daten In het Donker. They only come into contact with the opposite sex in a dark room, with high definition night vision cameras capturing their meetings.

This allows the viewing of the same programs on Fox8, but two hours later.

In May 2011, FOX8 underwent a major rebrand, incorporating a new look, with a new style of branding programs.

In October 2011, FOX8 was launched a Program Return Graphic during a Show.

FOX8 and Foxtel have a deal with to receive their shows bought from the.

On 16 March 2010, FOX8 launched a brand new website.

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